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New years update!

Hey everyone, just a quick update since I haven't made a blog post here in a while.

Commissions are being worked on as quickly as I can, I won't be taking any new commissions until I finish the list I currently have. I know people have been waiting for a while and if you would like a refund please don't hesitate to e-mail me and ask. You won't be penalized and you are more than welcome to commission me again once I get my list managed better. My current commission list can be found here

My shop is still open with pre-orders and the occasional pre-made item when I need to order supplies, and my Patreon is still going. If you really don't mind waiting and would like a commission slot I have a tier for a guaranteed commission slot on my Patreon That's about it, I am working as quickly as I can to finish everything, and thank you all for your patience. I hope everyone had a lovely holiday and new year!

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