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New store open!

Hey everyone! Long time no update~ We moved in the middle of July from North Dakota to Florida and it was a lot more work and stress than I thought it would be. We're all moved in now and I'm getting back into a work schedule, commissions are being worked on and finished as quickly as I can. I've re-done the store like I said I would a while ago, it's all ready to go with pre-made plush! Once I get through more commissions I'll put the pre-order/made to order plush back up. It's much better than my old store and shouldn't give anyone problems this time. Everything is still done through Paypal too which is nice. Hopefully once I get through these commissions I have I can get back to doing shop updates as well as having pre-orders and opening commissions once a month! I am very excited for the future and appreciate everyone's continued support~!

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