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New Years Plush FAQ.

Please read through this FAQ before asking me a question! A lot of questions could be answered with it. I get a lot of DMs and don't have time to answer them all. If there is something you need to know not on this FAQ please send me a DM! I might have missed something. Thanks!

Payment & Pricing
What payment methods do you accept?

I accept Paypal only.


How much are your plushies?


New Years/Kimono plush start at $60 USD plus shipping. I ship internationally.


You posted a _____ plushie , can I buy it?


Unless it's in my shop, no. Most are sold already or commissions.

What currency are your prices in?


My prices are in US currency.

General Plush Questions

Can you make original characters?


Yes, I can make original characters if they will fit in my pattern.


Can you make people?


I haven't used my New Years plush pattern to make humans yet, right now it is not something I am offering. When I do they will be a fair amount more than the animal ones I do now.

When do you make these plush?


I do New Years plush on some weekends, I usually post about it during the week or Friday.

Are you taking commissions?

Sometimes I do commissions on the weekends for New Years plush, if I am planning on taking them it will be announced on Friday on my  Twitter.

Can you make a certain Pokemon/Villager ect?


While I can't guarantee it, I will take everyone's suggestions into consideration! Feel free to leave a comment on Twitter.

Do you have the pattern for sale?

I do! If you check in my shop the pattern is available for download



How do I order a plushie?


When I open slots it will be posted on my Twitter, you then DM me. It's first come first serve.

When are your plushie commissions going to be open?


I do not know, I don't do New Years plush every weekend, and sometimes I do pre-made ones because it is easier for me.

Can you DM me when your plushie commissions will be open/shop will be updated/ect?


No. I’m sorry, but I don’t have time to do that.


Will you post an exact time commissions open/shop updates happen?


Unfortunately these plush have become really popular so I can't post an exact time. It overloads my shop and my inventory goes into the negative and oversells if too many people try to check out at once. I usually post in the evening on Sundays between 7 PM and 9 PM EST.


What is your shop link?

Do you ship to ______?

I ship world wide.

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