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Please read through this FAQ before asking me a question! A lot of questions could be answered with it, and it'll save everyone a bunch of time. If you'd like to know something that is not on this list, feel free to e-mail me at;

Payment & Pricing
What payment methods do you accept?

I accept Paypal only.


How much are your plushies?


It depends on the type of plush! I make everything from pokemon to humans. Please check out my commission information and pricing here or e-mail me at for a quote.


You have a _____ plushie in your gallery, can I buy it?


Probably not. Most plushies in my gallery are commissions I’ve done for other people, meaning they’ve been sold already. Unless it says otherwise in the description, I have no pre-made plushies to sell. Please see my store for any plush available or pre-orders ready for purchase.

What currency are your prices in?


My prices are in US currency.

General Plush Questions

Can you make original characters?


Yes, I can make original characters if you have enough reference pictures.


Can you make plushies based on real people?


Yes, I can! There are a couple in my gallery, and as long as I have enough reference pictures I can make ones based on real people

How long does it usually take you to complete a plushie?


It depends how much I’m working, and how busy I am with my own projects. Usually a couple of weeks for one, depending on the complexity.

Are your plushies safe for children?


No. My plushies are not meant for children under the age of 12. They are meant for light-handling and for display only. They are not meant to be used as toys, as they are NOT toys at all.



How do I order a plushie?


If my plushie commissions are open, please refer to this page.

When are your plushie commissions going to be open?


Again, it depends how busy I am with everything thing else. It’ll be posted in my journal a week or so before I do open them, so the best thing to do is watch me so you’re updated.

Can you note/message me when your plushie commissions will be open?


No. I’m sorry, but I don’t have time to do that. It will be posted in my journal a week ahead of time when I’ll be opening, then again when I do.


Can you make me a plushie for a certain date/occasion?


Yes, I can, but make sure you tell me while ordering and at least two, three months in advance. If you don’t let me know when you order (this has happened before) I won’t be able to get it to you on time.


I see you posting about pre-orders, how do I get one?


Pre-orders are done through my shop which can be found here; Like with commissions, a time and date will be announced before hand. If there are no listings in my shop, no pre-orders are available. Whatever is in my shop is what I am offering at this time.


What is your Etsy shop link?


Do you ship to ______?

I ship world wide.

Materials and Equipment

Can I get a pattern for _______?


I’m sorry but no. Unless I have a tutorial up, I’m not comfortable giving out any of

my patterns. They’re like line art to a plush artist.

What do you make your eyes/faces on your plushies from?


I embroider my eyes. I used to use fabric transfers for the eyes and faces. I got the Staples brand since they’re cheaper than the other ones. You just print them out, cut them out, and then iron them on. Sometimes I use black safety eyes and hand stitch the mouths.


What type of sewing machine do you have?


I have a Janome Memorycraft 9700 which is also an embroidery machine, and another embroidery machine; Brother PE-770.

What kind of embroidery software do you use?

I use Stitch Era Universal to make my embroidery files.


Where do you get your minky fabric from?


I get it from a few different places! I use,, and sometimes my local Joanns. I get short pile minky for my stacking plush from Hopen Textiles;

What kind of embroidery thread do you use?


I use two kinds right now, guttterman and sulky.

What kind of fabric do you use for humans/where do you get your skin fabric?


I use deer suede fabric for human plush, my default color is chamois and I purchase it at


Do you do costume commissions?


No, I do not.

Where do you get your wigs?

I buy most of my wigs from Arda-Wigs.

Where do you get your contacts?

I get my contacts from and

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