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Katsucon, commissions an social media

Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates on here, I've been really busy making plush I don't usually have a lot of time for social media/website updates.

We have almost everything booked for Katsucon, once we get our flights we'll be all set! I'm really excited for it and should have a new costume to wear. I'll be Captain Francis Drake from the FATE series~ I'll also have some new items for it that I am really excited to get started on. I'll be doing a live video on my FB once I get some samples done about all the new things coming for next year!

Commissions will be opening at the end of the month on the 26th, I am working hard to get through my current list as quickly as possible. Mail days are now going to be every Friday since the post office is a bit farther away than at our old apartment in North Dakota.

I'm going to try and start using all my social media accounts a lot more, it's been a long time since I've used my tumblr and I'm going to start posting my finished pieces on Twitter as well as here.

I'll be applying to Anime Boston, as well as BronyCon for next year. I need to look up the different Florida conventions and see which ones will be good for us!

I'm going to try and add new pre-order items in the shop within the next month or two, including seasonal plush!

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