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Pony plush commissions

I had a lot of people ask me about pony commissions while I was at BronyCon, so I am setting up a wait list just for ponies! They'll be done once my current list is finished, which should be by Sept 1st. If you'd like to be put on my wait list, please send me an e-mail with your location and which pony you'd like; My pony prices can be found under my commission - ponies tab up top, and you don't have to pay until I get to you on the list. We had a wonderful time at BronyCon this year, and I brought home Doctor Whooves and Princess Cadence this time. They will be up in my shop once I get some photos done for them. I'll also be making Doctor Whooves a collar and tie before I put him up. I'm so tired but I had a great time, I'll be getting to commissions right away. At least I can have some sort of real schedule now instead of sew all day all the time haha.

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